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Hi everyone!

For some reason, I don’t like to cook (unless it’s for the holidays) but I have a ‘small’ obsession with collecting / clipping recipes. Breakfast, snacks, drinks … you name it and I have a recipe for it. I must be planning on the day I can be a SAHW or SAHM and have time to actually cook meals!

I decided to start this blog as a place to organize all of these recipes, instead of having the loose pages falling out of my cookbook and littering the pantry shelves and floor. Since I was going to type them all up, I figured I might as well share them while I was at it. This way, you can easily pull a recipe the next time you get the ‘Let’s Share’ chain email, or are just bored with the ones you have. ;0)

I hope you enjoy – and if you have a recipe you’d like to share, or an image for one of the recipes posted, I will gladly put it up here for you.

Until the next pot-luck,
xoxo Sara


I think I have a new hobby (besides reading). I posted this on Instagram not long ago –